• Polishing or crystallization: know what procedure your car needs


    The Brazilian is one of the most cautious and invests the most in caring for the appearance of the car, but that does not mean that there are still no doubts about the methods of automotive beautification, for example. And the question is: do you know what are the differences between polishing and crystallization?


    These are two great methods that make the body look newer and more attractive, but each has its specific indications and particularities. How about getting to know them better next?




    Polishing is an older technique known to drivers. It is perfect for those with stains in the paint, shallow scratches, sunburn, stains from bird droppings, repainted cars or those that no longer have the shine of before.


    The method is carried out with an abrasive mass and polishing machines at a high number of revolutions. In some cases, even a fine sandpaper is used to remove those stubborn stains and dirt, but this can remove some of the paint varnish. Vehicles with darker shades such as black, navy blue, brown and lead deserve more attention, as they can more easily reveal inadequate work.


    The procedure is very efficient and leaves the painting looking new, but it should be done in moderation. The technique of using the set of polisher and abrasive products must be done thoroughly, and experts recommend that it be performed only three times at most during the life of the car.


    In summary: polishing is very good, but it must be done when the car is really in need.




    Crystallization, also known as mirroring, has been gaining more space in recent years. It consists of applying a kind of resin, which forms a protective layer over the car's paint. The products used, as well as the wax, do not react with the varnish of the bodywork, that is, there are no great risks of damaging the paint. On the other hand, it is also not possible to remove scratches or continuity problems. To know more, check out: best car buffer


    Its main function is really to give greater durability to the paint of the car and to enhance its beauty, besides having a preventive function and helping to prevent small aggressions from reaching the original color of the vehicle.

    Crystallization does not bring any type of damage or risk to the car and it is perfectly possible to do it more often than polishing, whenever the owner deems it necessary to make his car more attractive.